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    Where is JustWatch available?

    JustWatch is available in over 140 countries and several apps to make it easy to know where to watch across any device!Website: www.justwatch.com   Mobile Apps: iOS app Android App   TV Apps: Fire ...

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    How do I connect my TV to my JustWatch account?

    In order to connect your TV, you must first download either our Android TV, Fire TV or Apple TV app. Once in the TV app, there is an ‘Account’ menu that will walk you through the rest of the setup...

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    How do I delete my account?

    You must delete your account information yourself using the ‘Delete my account permanently’ text under your account information (the person icon) on our site. We’re sad to see you go!

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    Is JustWatch free?

    Yes! JustWatch is a free app.We do have an enhanced version of JustWatch called JustWatch Pro for a monthly fee - this is not needed to enjoy all the main features of JustWatch and to find where to...

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    What is JustWatch Pro?

    JustWatch Pro is an enhanced version of the JustWatch experience, that offers a growing number of additional features on a monthly subscription.You currently can chose to remove titles you've marke...

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    What is JustWatch?

    JustWatch is a free streaming guide, designed to help you find where to watch your favorite movies and shows online.We only show 100% legal offers on many different platforms for paid subscriptions...