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    Is JustWatch free?

    Yes! JustWatch is a free app.   We do have an enhanced version of JustWatch called JustWatch Pro for a monthly fee - this is not needed to enjoy all the main features of JustWatch and to find where...

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    Where do I find my tracked TV shows?

    With a recent update, we reorganized the Watchlist and the TV Show Tracking section. This means, none of your saved TV shows have disappeared, but have moved to a new home. TV shows that you are tr...

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    What is TV Show Tracking?

    TV Show Tracking lets you keep track of your season progress or catch up with your favourite shows. You will automatically get notified when new episodes or seasons come out. To start tracking a TV...

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    What are custom lists?

    Besides your Watchlist, you can save movies and TV Shows in lists you created yourself. You can find custom lists in the first tab under Lists > My Lists. The number in the tab shows, how many list...

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    How do I import a list from IMDb?

    We are working on improving this feature further, so please be aware that some titles might not get imported. Import does not work for Images and People. If you want to import a list of movies and ...

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    Is there a way to add movies to my Watchlist with one click?

    With a recent release, we updated the Watchlist and TV Show Tracking section. You can now save titles not only to the Watchlist or track them with TV Show Tracking, but also to your own lists. Find...

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