How do I import a list from IMDb?

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André Moritz
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We are working on improving this feature further, so please be aware that some titles might not get imported. Import does not work for Images and People. If you want to import a list of movies and TV shows from IMDb, please make sure the list is following these requirements:

  • The URL has to follow a specific format, e.g.
  • IMDb chart lists with URLs like or, are not supported at the moment
  • The IMDb list has to be public:
    • If it is your list: Go to your lists on IMDb (“Your lists”) > Edit (three stacked dots on the right) > Settings > set public and save
    • If it is not your list, you will have to ask the list owner to make it public

To import the list, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the first tab in My Lists, where you will find your custom lists and IMDb imported lists
  2. Click “Import”, paste in the IMDb link and give your list a name.
  3. Hit “Create New”. Depending on the list size, the import might take a few seconds to process.