What is TV Show Tracking?

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André Moritz
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TV Show Tracking lets you keep track of your season progress or catch up with your favourite shows. You will automatically get notified when new episodes or seasons come out.

To start tracking a TV show, go to the TV show detail page and click on the bookmark icon*. In the next step, select “Track Show” and mark the episodes or seasons, that you have watched already, as seen. Skip this if you haven’t started watching yet.

You can now find the TV show in TV Show Tracking:

Continue Watching: TV shows you are currently watching. When the provider filter is active and set to filter for your providers (My Services), here you will only find TV shows that you can stream now.

Haven't Started: TV shows you have saved, but not started watching yet. TV shows that you save to your Watchlist will also show up here.

Caught Up: TV shows that aren't over yet, but for which no new episodes are available at the moment. For app users: When a new season or episode becomes available, you will be notified via push notification (this needs to be enabled in your phone settings).

Please note: TV shows that you have watched entirely and that are over (=no more seasons to come out) are automatically moved over to My Lists > Seen.


*Other options: Click the bookmark icon that appears when hovering over the TV show poster anywhere in the Streaming Guide (website) or long press on the TV show poster (mobile apps).